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How The Auto Industry is Innovating With Voice AI

Whenever we think about Artificial Intelligence in an Automobile Industry, the first thing to come into our mind is self-driving cars. But in reality, AI can do much more than just self-driving and the automobile industry is taking full benefit from AI and Machine Learning. AI makes the driving experience much smarter, safer, hands-free as well as intuitive. With technology like Ai being used in the manufacturing of an automobile, it offers an amazing experience to the consumers.

The advanced algorithm and the powerful hardware, the device will be able to understand and organize that also improves its performance as well as learning day by day. Moreover, with AI, a hardware system can enhance creativity and autonomy. Some of the features that would be in the automobile are listed below.

1. AI Cloud Services

For the working of AI in any system its important to have a place where every data remains stored and AI can easily access it. All the cloud services are for that use only. Besides, the lack of data can lead to complete failure of the device in which AI has been integrated. Unlike the regular vehicle, AI connected vehicles can do much more than just alerting us about the gas refiling, as it will also check engine lights, battery indicators, sensors for problem detections and so on.

2. AI Driving Feature

If we talk about the driving feature that an AI integrated car offers, then there are two levels of it. First is Fully autonomous mode and the other is driver assist. Where in driver assist feature one can take the guidance from the AI about the directions or can use it as their co-workers. On the other hand, in a fully autonomous mode, the AI starts working on its own, which means it can you can sit on the passenger seat and the AI device will make the car move by itself while analyzing all the data provided to it.

3. AI in Car Manufacturing

With AI one can not only change the concept of what automobile can do but its also changing the way a vehicle is built. You can use robots that have our algorithms incorporated in it for the purpose of automobile designing while observing other human’s working pace and specialty. That would also be an advantage to know the irregularities in materials, alert control personnel or adjust accordingly. It helps the system to understand what is outside the path of the car while setting the route accordingly.

4. Monitoring of Driver

Artificial Intelligence vehicles do a lot more than just watching the road, it can easily help keep a track on the driver. With the AI, the device knows who is the driver as it has facial recognization, data monitoring, detects the posture of the driver, checks if the person is focused or not.

So any person who has an idea about AI-based Smart Automobile please share it with us and at ActiveIQ we will transform your ideas into reality. We are up for any challenge that you have stored for us with a dedicated team of professionals who aims to offer client the accurate result and deliver it on time.

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