Data collection

In order to collect data for AI at ActiveIQ, we develop an enhanced algorithm so that the system in which it is integrated with can acquire details of data from the cloud and provide more useful information to the user.

Models development

Once we analyze the data set for the machine learning in AI, then we begin to develop models that can use algorithms and learn all the information that is stored, in order to make practical decisions more effortlessly.

Service deployment

One of the major tasks of our team is to deploy the algorithms in your hardware so that it can work as per your expectations. For the deployment of our AI services, we store the details on the private or public cloud which would help the hardware to access information to gain knowledge and work swiftly.

Environment project

Moreover, at ActiveIQ we will also help you in developing the algorithm for environment projects. After incorporating it into your hardware its AI will help in forecasting and detecting the pollution source & percentage of pollution in the environment.

Design solution

Any organization or individual who wants an algorithm that they can put into their hardware and can easily use that for designing, then ActiveIQ will assist you with providing Design Solution framework too.

Data science solution

ActiveIQ will help your business in empowering management, directing actions based on customer trends, identifying opportunities and reaching target audiences more easily by using Data Science Solutions for your projects.