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Excellent Data Collection Tools for Machine Learning

The essential step in machine learning development is the collection of data. Moreover, it’s a crucial path that almost every data scientist and researcher follow. Data collection itself takes a lot of time and energy and these data include data labeling, refinement of existing models or data and data acquisition. Let’s say, any team that opts for any project without even thinking about the accurate data collection process always gets stuck in the middle of the process and provides not so good results which in return harm their reputation and leads to loss of clients.

But, the ActiveIQ team always keeps in mind to use some of the most used and reliable data collection tools for completing your project on time and offering satisfying outcomes. Moreover, these tools are extremely easy to use, preserve the integrity of the entire data and also support a variety of functionalities. So today, we will inform you about some of the great data collection tools for machine learning services.

Tools for Raw Data Collection

One of the most faced obstacles of data scientists is the collection of raw data that is relevant to the project. Some of the tools that can be used for this purpose are listed below.

Synthetic Data Generator

Synthetic Data is generated by using algorithms for the collection of information. This data is used for the purpose of training and testing instead of datasets. With the help of synthetic data, one can easily help the device in machine learning models. Majorly the synthetic data is being used in the automation industry. Moreover, synthetic data is not new in the industry, the method of generating the data through it has been in use for quite a long time. It can be created with the use of tools like the Python library and Mockaroo.

Open-Source Datasets

Just like synthetic data, another popular technique for data collection is Open Source Datasets. Open data or Open Source Datasets can be used efficiently by anyone as they are available for free modifications, access, sharing and use. Mainly, these data are released by some academic institutions, independent agencies or government.
Open Source Datasets helps in machine learning by enabling a greater knowledge of global issues or trends, saves time & efforts that you normally give in the collection of data, and most importantly amplifies the speed of innovation.

One-Stop Destination for Data Collection & Machine Learning Services

As now you have got to know about the tools that are being used for data collection in the industry of Artificial Intelligence, it becomes harder to understand from where you can get the services that would be helpful for your device AI & Machine Learning algorithm development. Hold on, aren’t you already in the accurate spot? At ActiveIQ, our team will help you not only in data collection but they will also assist you in developing advanced algorithms for AI that you can integrate with your hardware system or device proficiently.
If you have any idea for the enhancement of your device, just get in touch with us and we would be pleased to help you out.

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