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How AI can Help the Needs of a Post Pandemic World?

At the time of COVID-19 Pandemic, we are strictly prohibited from socializing and the increase in the number of cases has left so many people horrified by the consequences. Even after the end of this Pandemic, everyone would become hyper-alerted and would not want to come in contact with any person or touch any public place surface which would lead to the demand for contactless interfaces. For the convenience of everyone slowly but gradually Artificial Intelligence will come in assistance.

Considering the changes that are about to come to the Post Pandemic World, we are going to inform you about the industries that are going to develop interaction-free interfaces to fulfill the demands of the consumers.

1. Contactless Payments

One of the things that are used by everyone and can reach anyone by means of continuous give or take is money. So the first thing that is about to change completely is the payment method that we use. There are several brands that are already developing car voice assistants that will pay for the gas at the petrol pump automatically without any physical interaction.

2. Voice-Enabled Smart Devices for Public Places

In the society where there is a high requirement of touchless interfaces, there are numerous chances for the voice-enabled smart devices which can be used in public places in order to avoid any physical contact with anyone. Some of the smart devices that can be developed are voice-operated bathroom fixtures, light switches, thermostats, elevators, doors, etc.

3. Shopping with Voice

Shopping just by using a voice assistant would really be something extra helpful. With the development of voice shopping, one would be able to get all the knowledge about the availability of the product, comparison of prices, filtration as per requirement and many more. There are companies that have started working on these voice devices for shopping and is estimated to grow a lot faster.

4. Hands-Free Ordering in Quick Service Restaurants

We all know how many people work in quick-service restaurants and recently it has been founded that there are several harmful bacterias on the touch screen due to the lack of time for washing hands. Besides, with the current situation the development of hands-free ordering AI devices would be much appreciated by everyone.

5. Voice-Enables Cruises and Hotels

Individuals who are working in hospitality services come in contact with different people every day where they assist them in finding personalized stays and with other activities as well. In this case, there must be an AI-based smart personnel assistant for the guidance of the travelers so that they can efficiently find the home away from home experience and would also not come in contact with other people or staff for unnecessary reasons.

Anyone who wants to develop their own AI smart devices for the benefit of people and their business at the same time would definitely need the right partner for the development of AI devices that would help out the individuals in the contactless world. And all you need to do for that is get in contact with ActiveIQ and be ready for the foremost algorithms of machine learning & AI that can be integrated with your hardware system.

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