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Smart Home with Artificial Intelligence

With the ever-expanding AI applications, the changes will not be limited to our workplaces instead they will also transform the way we live at our homes. There are several individuals who are using AI-based home applications like house security, video surveillance, trackers, home automation and so many more.

The accessibility of smart electronics that one can control with their tablets or smartphones has increased incredibly. And in order to control them, it is necessary to have some apps on your phone but do we really want that much mess in our lives? We believe no one wants that. What if there is a device that can connect and access all the smart electronics like Oven, TV, Entertainment Systems, ACs? That would be amazingly helpful, however, is there any device like that?

The answer to this question is Yes there are several devices that connects with all the other smart gadgets that one has so that they only need to instruct it and the task would be done in a matter of time. Gadgets like Alexa, Echo or Google Home unites devices present at your home with each other through the IoT by Voice Command. We can call it a connected home but the Home Automation Driven by AI is beyond it.

Home Automation With AI

For a better understanding of home automation, let’s just give you a scenario to relate with. Consider that you are on your way back home and when you reach a precise distance from your home the system at your home detects that your are about to arrive. And as a response, this device unlocks the door, manages the air conditioning, switch on the lights, play your favorite music while mulling coffee for you.
That would be mind-blowing, right! So that’s what we are referring to with the home automation and its future. We are referring to the system that takes care of your daily chores at home by simple commands. Who wouldn’t want that?
It would not only be beneficial for the people with hectic work schedules but will also be life-changer for the individuals who are aged or differently-abled. All they would need to do is give the voice command and the system will work accordingly.

Applications of AI in Smart Home

The part of AI in a smart home is not only limited the convenience, in fact it can be used for energy efficiency and home security as well.

1. Home Security

With the application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the home security system, you can keep your home more secure and free of disturbance. The machine-learning algorithm that would be integrated with the system would fetch the details from your social media accounts and recognize the face of all the connections that you have in order to understand the difference between friends, family, guests or visitors which would lead decrease the problem of false alarms.
Moreover, with the self-monitored security systems that are incorporated with sensors, motion detectors as well as a security camera will help the consumer to know if there is any possible break-in that excludes the need of human monitoring.

2. Energy Efficiency

Energy saving is an important task that needs to be taken care of. And the Artificial Intelligence Smart Home System would help in the reduction in energy consumptions by controlling the smart plugs, thermostats and lighting sensors. So if in case you forgot to switch off the light or TV, the Home Automation System will take care of it.
All that you need to develop a smart home system is the accurate algorithm and the ActiveIQ team is here to help you out with the specific algorithms according to your needs.

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