Consumar Technology

As we have discussed earlier, Artificial Intelligence along with machine learning is taking the world like a storm to a whole new level of the digital era. While covering almost every industry how can AI or Machine Learning leave consumer technologies alone? Similar to any other area in which AI is being used, it has also created its space in the consumer’s mind. From a GPS installed in a car or smartphone to the virtual assistants who understand your need, AI has got something for everyone.

ActiveIQ team works on developing machine learning algorithms for your system depending upon your needs so that you or your company can proficiently incorporate it in the device and develop the understanding of the things not only around it but also the things which the hardware never come across.

Where can you actually use it?

  • GPS Tracker
  • Household Connectivity
  • Electronic Devices
  • Digital Personal Assistants

    The main goal of indulging AI into Consumer Technology is to make the tasks easier as well as enhancing the tech-savvy consumers. By using our provided algorithms for Artificial Intelligence you can have advanced features like voice recognizations, computer vision, natural language processing, and provide more direct interface targeted customers.