Build an application powered by Machine Learning

ActiveIQ helps in the development of the machine learning algorithm which makes AI device discover every detail that is required for your business efficiently so that you can become more successful in your business.

About our Machine Learning software firm.

ActiveIQ helps clients in developing a Machine Learning Algorithm that can be installed in a system through which that system can gradually start understanding the meaning of basic language, recognize voices, can detect any threats and so on. Whatever challenges you have stored for us, we are here to excel in them proficiently. With years of experience and knowledge in this industry, our team has knowledge of all the technologies and techniques that are needed to be used while developing an Artificial Intelligence System.

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Digital agency services & Solutions

Do you want to increase and analyze the record and data that have no to fewer errors? No problem, with our Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Schemes, we offer Digital Agency Services & Solutions through unique and smart algorithms that can be integrated into your system to get valuable insights and can be used in devices such as Home Automation System, GPS Tracker or Voice assistant.

Data Preparation

We understand that without the analysis and conversion of data sets into vital information, machine learning algorithms can fail drastically. That’s why we will help you with marvelous data preparation for your AI that will help your system to understand things in a far better way.

AI development

ActiveIQ has an experienced team of AI Development that would examine your requirements thoroughly and then develop algorithms, models, and plans according to them. With the deployment of our AI & machine learning algorithms, your device will start knowing the difference between things, images, voices, and will also recognize more elements.

Digital ecommerce

If you are interested in developing a system like Alexa or Google Voice Assistant, then our team at ActiveIQ will serve you with the brilliant machine learning algorithm that can be incorporated with your device to make it access all the vital data from the cloud and help the consumer with their requirements.

Consumer technology

Do you or your company want to develop a digital personal assistant, wearable/fitness devices, or smart security system? Yes, then you are at the accurate place as we are here to help you in developing creative algorithms for these devices in order to fulfill your requirements.

Big data Service

All of us know that without the data sets our AI cannot learn about any person or thing. So, in order to offer Big Data Service to the device, our data experts will evaluate the four Vs i.e. velocity, variety, volume and veracity which will enhance data insights easily.

Enterprise AI and data platform solutions

Get ready to accelerate your digital business journey with the amazing power of AI. Begin to introduce face recognizations, voice search/assistance, data analyzing and so much more to acquire unbelievable positive changes in your revenue.

Design and development use latest technology

The AI algorithm that is designed by ActiveIQ is by the use of advanced level technology that helps the device to analyze the data, make precise predictions, recognize face or voice, helping consumers in day-to-day work more proficiently.

Artificial intelligence use in automobile industry

With the guidance of an experienced team that we have, be ready to convert your regular automobile into one which has AI installed in it that will help the users with predictive maintenance, scheduling of repairs, automatic drive mode, maps and what not!

Machine learning platform used cloud deployment

ActiveIQ uses Cloud Deployment for Machine Learning so that all the data can be stored over there and with the use of AI your system can access it for a better understanding. It will simplify product marketing, give an accurate forecast of sales, enhance the precision of Financial Rules or Models, quickly detect spam and so on easily.

Our achievement

With the quality service and hard work of our team, we have served in this industry successfully for several years. Having the complete faith of our clients in us we are ready to serve the precise outcomes and achieve so much more in the upcoming years.


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Our successful goal

ActiveIQ team aims to gain more client loyalty by providing them the best plus foremost results and for that our team continuously works harder each and every moment.

Machine Learning news

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